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The Sleeping Beauty

By: Anderson, Anne

Price: $216.75

Publisher: New York, NY, Thomas Nelson & Sons: 1928

Seller ID: 021364

Condition: Very Good

40 pp, light green-light blue papercovered boards w/color wraparound illustration, green-wht illustrated endpapers, the book is in the original clamshell box, the box has three color illustrations, (one on bottom of the box, one on inside top of the box & third on the top of the box), then on the inside of the bottom of the box is a list of Anne Anderson Beauty Books. There were six in the series. The classic story of sleeping beauty and how everyone in the palace falls asleep when the Princess pricks her finger on the fairy spindle. The castle is surrounded by briar-Rose hedge. The box has... View more info

Captain Marvel Jr.and the Iron Heel of the Huns and Sir Butch : No.11

By: Anonymous

Price: $29.75

Publisher: Greenwich, CT, Fawcett Publications, Inc.: 1942

Seller ID: 031484

Condition: Good

unpaginated, yel-grey-blu-red color illustrated front panel and tan back panel w/illustration of war bond stamp. Collection of two stories in small booklet that was published during wartime. cover spine split one inch on top and two inches on the bottom View more info

The Doulton Story - a Souvenir Booklet Produced Originally for the Exhibition Held at the Victoria and Albert Museum London

By: Atterbury, Paul & Irvine, Louise

Price: $10.84

Publisher: Stoke on Trent, England, Royal Doulton Tableware Limited: 1979

Seller ID: 038856

ISBN: 090626202X

Condition: Near Fine

104 pp, wht SC wraps w/color illustrated front panel. The booklet tells the Doulton story with information on early Lambeth wares, exhibtions, the Lambeth studio, commemorative wares, Burselm art wares adn more. View more info

Christmas Stocking Series

By: Bannerman, Grimm Brothers, Anderson, Moore, Potter with Intro by Baum, L. Frank

Price: $2,210.00

Publisher: Chicago, IL, Reilly & Britton Co.: 1905

Seller ID: 024900

Condition: Good+

Collection of six books w/red papercovered boards w/green lettering & green deco on front board, front boards also have color pastedown illustration, the books are housed in a custom made leather covered slipcase with individual sleeves for each book. The slipcase is made to look like six leatherbound books side by side w/gilt lettering & deco. Five of the books are dated 1905 with The Story of Peter Rabbit dated 1911. The six titles are: "Little Black Sambo", "Fairy Tales from Andersen", "Fairy Tales from Grimm", "Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty", "The N... View more info

The Story of Little Babaji

By: Bannerman, Helen

Price: $10.20

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers: 1999

Edition: 4th Printing

Seller ID: 022186

ISBN: 0062050648

Condition: Very Good+

unpaginated, orange-brown papercovered boards w/white title block w/black lettering on the spine, dj white w/black lettering on spine & color pictorial of Little Babaji on tiger, black rem foot of book. An almost intact retelling of Bannerman's Little Black Sambo with Indian names - Babaji, Mamaji and Papiji. Pictus Orbis Sambo pg 261. New edition of the story "The Story of Little Black Sambo", that took place in India. This edition the little boy, his mother & his father have been given authentic Indian names: Babaji, Mamaji and Papaji. View more info

Little Black Sambo No. 354

By: Bannerman, Helen and edited by Piper, Watty

Price: $80.75

Publisher: New York, NY, Platt & Munk: 1972

Seller ID: 049103

ISBN: 0822803542

Condition: Very Good+

unpaginated, orange papercovered boards w/black lettering on the spine and front panell, white dj w/color illustrated front panel, white endpapers ten circle design w/green-pink illustrations. Two illustrations in color alternate with two half-tone illustrations throughout. Bottom of front flap reads No. 354 40-08. The classic story of a little boy with new clothers and his confrontation with a group of tigers and how he outwits them to regain his clothes. Watty Piper was a house pseudonym, Arnold Munk used to publish public domain materials between 1922-1978. Pictus Orbis Sambo pg 155 ... View more info

Fetishes and Carvings of the Southwest

By: Branson, Oscar T.

Price: $7.44

Publisher: Tucson, AZ, Treasure Chest Publ., Inc.: 1976

Edition: 3rd Printing

Seller ID: 011721

Condition: Very Good

64 pp, wht spine w/black lettering & w/red full color pictorial front & back. The Southwestern Indians have made & used fetishes since very early times. The usual concept of a fetish is an object in the form of a living thing made of any material. In the Indian society, a fetish may belong to an individual, a secret society, a clan or it may be the property of the entire tribe. A fetish is thought to bring good luck &, if treated properly & w/veneration, will help or give power to its possessor. View more info

Button Parade : a Book of Button Groupings

By: Brown, Dorothy Foster

Price: $33.58

Publisher: Chicago, IL, Lightner Publishing Corp.: 1942

Edition: 3rd Edition

Seller ID: 032811

Condition: Very Good

143 pp, black pebbled SC wraps w/gilt lettering w/yel dj w/black lettering. The author has listed the buttons from the standpoint of art, beauty and "human interest." She has shown a collection of interesting & representative buttons as to subject, style, type and material. Corners clipped on the boards, dj small chips along edges, one inch chip at bottom of dj spine, two inch chip at top of dj spine, two inch chip top of spine.. View more info

The Poems of Robert Browning

By: Browning, Robert and edited by Lewis, C. Day

Price: $38.25

Publisher: Norwalk, CT, The Easton Press: 1979

Edition: Collector's Edition

Seller ID: 025962

Condition: Near Fine

xviii, 299 pp, brown leather w/gilt lettering w/stamped gilt design on the front board & spine, four raised ribs on the spine, orange watered endleaves, orange ribbon bookmark, & AEG (all edges gilt). Book from The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written series. Collection of poetry by Robert Browning. View more info


By: Casey, P. J., Illustrated by Photos & Charts

Price: $13.39

Publisher: Aylesbury, Bucks, UK, Shire Publications Ltd.: 1984

Edition: 2nd Edition

Seller ID: 027881

Condition: Very Good

64 pp, wht SC wraps w/black lettering on spine w/color pictorial front. Booklet puts the coinage of the Roman period in perspective of the economic & political events of the time. View more info

Gun Collecting

By: Chapel, Charles Edward

Price: $8.29

Publisher: New York, NY, Coward-McCann, Inc.: 1939

Edition: 7th Impression

Seller ID: 018118

Condition: Very Good

x, (1), 232 pp, blue cl bds w/cream ltrs, dj brown-blk w/illustrated front & spine. The book offers information for expert as well as beginner on how & where to acquire guns, with general historical outline of gun development. dj chipped along edges w/1.7"x3" chip missing top frt edge. View more info

Hopi Kachina Dolls - with a key to their Identification

By: Colton, Harold S.

Price: $8.46

Publisher: Albuquerque, NM, University of New Mexico Press: 1985

Edition: 12th Pb Printing

Seller ID: 013041

Condition: Good++

150 pp, wht-red SC wraps w/color pictorial front. Volume tells how to identify Hopi kachina dolls. Based on list prepared by Edmund Nequatewa of Second Mesa. List enlarged by Jim Kewanwytewa of Oraibi. Contains descriptions of 266 Kachina dolls. upper corner of front cover clipped. View more info

Rich Cut Glass of Charles Guernsey Tuthill

By: Crofford, Maurice

Price: $43.78

Publisher: College Station, TX, Texas A & M University Press: 2001

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 036699

ISBN: 1585441481

Condition: Near Fine

xiii, 211 pp, black cloth covered boards w/gilt lettering, glossy black dj w/purple-wht lettering on the spine w/pictorial front panel. The book is a narrative of the business that Tuthill founded, the patterns he created, the techniques he used, and the other artisans and consumers that he knew. The author provides insight into the ways industrialization and mass production changed the way upper-class Americans lived. View more info

Scarecrow and Tin-Man : Including Slovenly Peter and Slovenly Betsy and Others

By: Denslow, W. W.

Price: $165.75

Publisher: New York, NY, Perks Publishing: 1946

Edition: First State of Later Printing

Seller ID: 029313

Condition: Very Good

24 pp, orange SC wraps w/black lettering, w/color illustrated front cover and text back cover. A Mary Perks book from the Famous Books for the Nursery series. The book contains the following eight stories: The Scare-Crow and The Tin Man, Slovenly Peter, The Story of Fidgety Philip, The Story of Johnny Look-in-the-Air, The Story of Sophy Spoilall, Slovenly Betsy, Cruel Paul, and The Dreadful Story of Pauline and the Matches. "The booklet was printed as a pamphlet by Perks Publishing in 1946. pictures illustrated in black & yellow, lists New York as place of publication. The pamphlet also co... View more info

GI Joe the Story behind the Legend - an Illustrated History of America's Greatest Fighting Man

By: Devine, Don w/Michlig, John w/foreword Bby Hassenfeld, Alan

Price: $18.70

Publisher: San Francisco, CA, Chronicle Books: 1996

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 038712

ISBN: 081181484X

Condition: Very Good+

96 pp, black boards w/green illustrated front & rear panels, black dj w/green-blu-white-brown color illustrated front & rear panel, green-white illustrated endpapers. THe book provides a behind-the-scenes look at the birth of the action figure - a doll for boys. The book contains more than one-hundred full-color photos of prototypes, early models, blueprints, and sketches. dj couple small holes on the rear flap edge, tear at top of the dj spine, dj in mylar protector. View more info


By: editors of Southwestern Art

Price: $14.88

Publisher: Southwestern Art: 1979

Seller ID: 016940

Condition: Near Fine

12 pp, brown SC wraps stapled together w/gilt deco & letters on frt. Booklet was produced as part of "Kachina Suite," which consists of three original serigraphs by Lamar Briggs. Booklet discusses the purpose of the kachina doll and also Lamar Briggs, an artist, who paints kachina dolls on canvas. View more info

Birds, Beasts, and Blossoms ABC : Father Tuck's Little Pet ABC Series #3657

By: Father Tuck

Price: $40.38

Publisher: New York, NY, Raphael Tuck and Sons, Co. Ltd:

Seller ID: 028927

Condition: Very Good

unpaginated, light blu spine w/full-color illustrated front & light aqua back panel. Book from Father Tuck's Little Pet ABC series. four full-page color illustrations for the letters F, J, Q, &T. The letters s,y, & z contain brief sentences with the letters. the prev owner wrote name on verso of front cover, some rubbing to corners & light rubbing to edges, 3/4" peeled spot on back panel, small 1" tear on back panel. View more info

Tiny Tots' ABC : Father Tuck's "Play & Pleasure" Series A.B.C. #1582

By: Father Tuck

Price: $72.25

Publisher: New York, NY, Raphael Tuck and Sons, Co. Ltd:

Seller ID: 028928

Condition: Good

unpaginated, light brown full-color illustrated front & light aqua back panel, untearable linen book. Book from Father Tuck's "Play & Pleasure" series A.B.C. four full-page color illustrations for the letters E-F, K-L, M-N, &S-T. The letters K-L & M-N are at the center of the book, the letters each have brief sentences with the letters. The covers are laminated covers. The back cover the top lamination has chips to corners and spine edge and is soiled, peeled spot at bottom of A on front cover 1/2" x 1-1/4". View more info

Clark's Spool Cotton National Flower Series The Golden Rod, United States

By: George A. Clark & Brother

Price: $12.75

Publisher: New York, NY, George A. Clark & Brother:

Seller ID: 021690

Condition: Very Good

trade card, color illustration of Golden Rod & the nation's capitol on front w/blue printing on the back. The card is 5" x 7". There were 5 cards in the series. One for the United States and one for each of the following: Scotland, France, England and Ireland. The back advertises Clark's-O-N-T-Crochet Cotton on balls, Clarks-O-N-T-Darning Cotton on balls, Milward's Helix Needles and Marshall's Linen Threads. A Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton for Hand and Machine Sewing. View more info

OZ The Hundredth Anniversary Celebration

By: Glassman, Peter Editor

Price: $29.71

Publisher: New York, NY, HarperCollins Publishers: 2000

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 015493

ISBN: 068815915X

Condition: Near Fine

55 pp, light yel paper covered boards w/brown cloth spine w/gilt lettering & the word oz on the front in gilt, dj red-gilt-tan w/color illustrated front panel. Thirty favorite artists & writers celebrate one hundred years of oz. Various writers & artists express the influence that the book "The Wizard of Oz" had on them. View more info