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This is the Way the World Endss

By: Morrow, James

Price: $21.25

Publisher: New York, NY, Henry Holt & Company: 1986

Edition: First Edition

Inscription: Signed by Author

Seller ID: 032945

ISBN: 0030080371

Condition: Very Good

319 pp, quarterbound w/tan boards w/light tan cloth covered spine, dj purple-pink-orange w/color illustrated front panel & photo of author on the back panel w/pink spine w/wht-black lettering, SIGNED by the author on the title page. A semicomic tale of one George Paxton, a tombstone carver in Wildgrove, Massachusetts. George needs an anti-radiation "Scopas" suit to protect his daughter in event of nuclear war. Then fate intervense, and for the price of a sig... View more info

Time Slave #UW1204

By: Norman, John

Price: $14.88

Publisher: New York, NY, DAW Books, Inc.: 1975

Edition: First Printing

Seller ID: 038122

Condition: Very Good-

380 pp, glossy wht pb w/black-red lettering w/color illustrated front, top corner by spine discolored. Group of scientists devised a way to send one of their number back into the Stone Age when the great hunters of Cro-Magnon days fought the Neanderethals & their savage clan rivals. View more info


By: Offutt, Andrew J.

Price: $12.54

Publisher: New York, NY, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.: 1973

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 014635

ISBN: 0688415520

Condition: Very Good

191 pp, olive-green boards w/black lettering, dj wht-blk-blu w/color illustrated front & spine. Standed on an unknown planet, two men & a girl find human beings living a placid existence comparable to that of the Earth in the early nineteenth century. Each of the three space travelers has the Power - Bernie's is teleporting, Cory's is telekinning, and Rinegar's is telepathic receiving. light sunning to the boards View more info

The Shores of Another Sea

By: Oliver, Chad

Price: $20.83

Publisher: London, England, Victor Gollancz Ltd: 1971

Seller ID: 022311

ISBN: 0575007001

Condition: Near Fine

191 pp, maroon papercovered boards w/gilt lettering, dj yel w/black-maroon lettering. "The book is set in Kenya, and tells of a young American whose hjob it is to catch live baboons for scienctific experiments. The baboons vanish from their cages & return menacingly as if they are controlled by some alien intelligence." dj price-clipped. View more info

Four-Day Planet

By: Piper, H. Beam

Price: $131.75

Publisher: New York, NY, G.P. Putnam's Sons: 1961

Seller ID: 018155

Condition: Very Good+

221 pp, light blu linen boards w/black lettering, dj blu-blk-yel w/color pictorial front & spine. Fenris was planet forgotten in backwash of great frontier movement. It had an appalling climate & hostile animal life & barely maintained a population of space bums, fugitives, & a few rough-and-ready colonists. View more info

Danger in the Drain Pipe

By: Schultz, Irene

Price: $12.75

Publisher: Windermere, FL, The Rourke Corporation, Inc.: 1983

Seller ID: 022785

ISBN: 0865928800

Condition: Very Good

unpaginated, wht papercovered boards w/black lettering w/color illustrated front & back. The adventures of Dagon from the planet Kranton, who landed on earth one day after his ship broke down. He made friends with the insects in the garden and decided to stay awhile. View more info

Letters from Atlantis

By: Silverberg, Robert

Price: $19.55

Publisher: New York, NY, Atheneum: 1990

Edition: First Printing

Seller ID: 022768

ISBN: 0689315708

Condition: Near Fine

136 pp, quarterbound w/blu papercovered boards w/tan cloth covered spine, dj grey-gilt-blu-green w/wraparound color illustration. A Byron Preiss Book. First book of the Dragonflight series. While his body remains in deep sleep, Roy transfers his mind into the mind of a royal prince living in Atlantis 180 centuries ago. View more info


By: Silverberg, Robert

Price: $26.78

Publisher: Huntington Woods, MI, Phantasia Press: 1983

Edition: Limited/Numbered

Inscription: Signed by Author

Seller ID: 026112

ISBN: 0932096239

Condition: Near Fine

102 pp, red cloth covered boards w/silver lettering, dj blu-light blu-brown w/red lettering w/color wraparound illustration, slipcase red cloth covered, #178 of 450 SIGNED & numbered copies. Has two pages at end of the book about signed & numbered, both are signed, but only number on one. A laboratory experiment goes awry & Jim McCulloch is projected millions of years into the future. He finds himself sharing the mind & body of a strange & unexpected creature which has b... View more info

Red World of Polaris : the Adventures of Captain Volmar

By: Smith, Clark Ashton and edited by Hilger, Ronald S. & Connors, Scott

Price: $15.94

Publisher: San Francisco, CA, Night Shade Books: 2004

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 030242

ISBN: 1892389479

Condition: Near Fine

HB. Near Fine/Near Fine. First Thus. 8vo - over 8" - 9" Tall Octavo. 115 pp, black cloth covered boards w/silver lettering, dj brown w/wht-blk lettering on spine w/color illustrated front & back by Jason Van Hollander. Collection of four stories from: Marooned in Andromeda, A Captivity in Serpens, The Red World of Polaris, and The Ocean-World of Alioth. With The Magellan of the Constellations: an introduction and Captain Volmar and Crew: an afterword. View more info

Venus Equilateral

By: Smith, George O. w/intro Bby Campbell Jr., John W.

Price: $16.96

Publisher: Philadelphia, PA, The Prime Press: 1947

Inscription: Signed by Author

Seller ID: 036763

Condition: Good-

455 pp, red cloth covered boards w/black lettering, SIGNED by author on the ffep.. Collection of ten stories about life aboard an artifical satellite, Venus Equilateral, which maintains communications between the inhabited planets of the solar system. The stories analyze science, psychology, and politics of the stations operations. Anatomy of Wonder #3-357. Boards worn at top & bottom of the spine and the corners, light staining on the covers. View more info

Global Head

By: Sterling, Bruce

Price: $19.51

Publisher: Shingletown, CA, Mark V. Ziesing: 1992

Edition: First Edition

Inscription: Signed by Author

Seller ID: 026626

ISBN: 0929480694

Condition: Very Good+

301 pp, black boards w/gilt lettering, dj gilt-black w/black-wht lettering w/color illustrated front & back, SIGNED by the author. Collection of thirteen short stories by Bruce Sterling from: Our Neural Chernobyl, Storming the Cosmos, The Compasionate the Digital, Jim and Irene, The Sword of Damocles, The Gulf Wars, The Shores of Bohemia, The Moral Bullet, The Unthinkable, We are seeing Things Differently, Hollywood Krelin, Are You for 86?, and Dori Bangs. View more info


By: Sturgeon, Theodore

Price: $51.00

Publisher: New York, NY: Greenberg: Publisher, 1950:

Seller ID: 023860

HB. Very Good+/Very Good-. First Edition. Sm8vo from 7-1/2" to 8" Tall. 217 pp, blu cloth covered boards w/black lettering w/violet & silver dot on front board, dj blu-wht w/illustrated front & spine, dj small tears along bottom & top edge of spine, dj back panel remnants of adh tape along top & bottom. Horty Bluett ate ants because every once in a while he had too. The alien crystals from another planet with the power to create duplicates of whatever is near the... View more info

The Cosmic Geoids and One Other

By: Taine, John

Price: $16.58

Publisher: Los Angeles, CA, Fantasy Publishing Co., Inc.: 1949

Seller ID: 027297

Condition: Very Good

179 pp, brown cloth covered boards, dj pink w/black title block w/wht-pink lettering w/illustrated front & photo of author on the back. The first Cosmic Geoid is discoved in 1879 by the Lascelles paleontological expedition. After three hundred year, forty-three more are found. When the first geoid was opened, they discovered small plates of some black metal covered on both sides with minute characters. The second sotry is "The Black Goldfish" a story involving sc... View more info

Masters of Time

By: van Vogt, A.E.

Price: $80.33

Publisher: Reading, PA, Fantasy Press: 1952

Inscription: Signed by Author

Seller ID: 023875

Condition: Very Good+

227 pp, blu cloth boards w/black lettering, dj black-red w/wht lettering w/color illustrated front & spine, Inscribed & SIGNED by author on title page. Two stories "Masters of Time" and "The Changeling". dj has rust stains on front. View more info

The Blue World

By: Vance, Jack

Price: $79.48

Publisher: Columbia, PA, Underwood/Miller: 1979

Edition: Limited

Seller ID: 051069

ISBN: 0934438153

Condition: Near Fine

190 pp, blue cloth boards w/silver letters, dj wht-blu w/color pictorial front. Limited to 700 cc's, w/589 trade edition copies. A beautiful world of floating islands, whose people are menaced by monsters from the deep. The peaceful human society of the Blue world is torn in two. One part attempts to establish a new society of Free Men, and the other part is led by men determined to preserve the Covenant at whatever cost. View more info

Journey to the Center of the Earth : Classics and Comics

By: Verne, Jules

Price: $20.83

Publisher: New Jersey, Margrace Corporation: 1985

Seller ID: 029565

ISBN: 2830216067

Condition: Very Good

121 pp, 30 pages of color illustrations, wht boards w/red-black lettering w/color illustrated front panel. Professor Lidenbrock finds a book written in Runic alphabet with a parchment with writing on it. The parchment provides information on how to reach the center of the earth. View more info

Exodus from the Long Sun the book of the long Sun

By: Wolfe, Gene

Price: $21.25

Publisher: New York, NY, Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.: 1996

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 051068

Condition: Near Fine

384 pp, blk boards w/gilt letters, dj tan-blk w/color pictorial front & spine. Final volume of the Book of the Long Sun series. Patera Silk, has risen f/ a humble priest to ruler of his city-state. Revolution & war have broken out, & the mysterious gods have intervened in human affairs in ways that make them appear as much like a dysfunctional family as immortals. View more info

Sign of Chaos

By: Zelazny, Roger

Price: $7.61

Publisher: New York, NY, Arbor House: 1987

Seller ID: 001362

Condition: Very Good

214 pp, top & bottom of dj creased. Amber novel View more info

Doorways in the Sand

By: Zelazny, Roger

Price: $12.33

Publisher: New York, NY, Harper & Row, Publ.: 1977

Edition: 3rd Printing

Seller ID: 016668

Condition: Very Good+

185 pp, quarterbound w/green boards w/blk cloth spine w/silver letters, dj grn-blk w/illustrated front & back. Fred Cassidy is perpetual student in his thirteenth year as a full-time undergraduate, thanks to his uncle's will. Fred climbs gothic spires & the steep roofs of his university for thrills. One of professors attacks Fred wanting to know the whereabouts of the star-stone model, the reproduction of an alien artifact. View more info

Sign of the Unicorn

By: Zelazny, Roger

Price: $148.75

Publisher: Garden City, NY, Doubleday & Company, Inc.: 1976

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 023879

ISBN: 038508515X

Condition: Very Good+

186 pp, tan papercovered boards w/black lettering, dj aqua w/black lettering w/color illustrated front & spine. The third book in the Amber series set in the state of Amber, where members of the Royal Family continue their plots & counterplots regarding the succession to the throne, while simultaneously battleing the forces evoked f/Shadow. dj several small holes in edge of front flap, prev owner's name stamped on ffep. View more info